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Thank you, Steve Jobs. Rest in peace.

Change your profile picture with photo below and post “Thank you, Steve.” for your status. Thank you, Steve. You have changed a lot of lives with your visionary leadership. You have changed my life for the better. I bought my

Kuya Kim for Pandayan Bookshop

In line with his advocacy, Kuya Kim recently signed an agreement with the Pandayan Bookshop owners, making him their brand ambassador for all their stores and products. Kuya Kim’s billboard can now be seen at the northbound side of NLEX,

See It First: Lea Salonga for St. Luke’s Medical Center

Lea Salonga is St. Luke’s new brand ambassador. In this 30-second video, Lea tells us why we get MORE with LESS from St. Luke’s. “At St. Luke’s Medical Center, you get more for less. More technology, less guessing. More caring,