Filipino Vs. American Soldier

UPDATED: Thanks to a comment by user Council, it has been validated that the photo is indeed real but was taken way back in 2002.—


I hope this photo is not authentic but it looks real to me.

A Filipino soldier is being carried off a small boat by a local so he wouldn’t get wet while an the American soldier walks on water. Does anyone know who this soldier is? Lead by example please. Nakakahiya. Hindi po kayo pang-worldwide.

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2 Responses to Filipino Vs. American Soldier

  1. council says:

    This is old news. Too old. Almost 10 years.

    He was just accepting a genuine gesture of Filipino hospitality.

    This was the explanation given by Air Force officials on piggybacking Brig. Gen. Marciano Ilagan, who appalled lawmakers said had placed the entire military in a bad light.

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