Help and Win a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab!

Extend Yourself and Ascorbic Acid Cecon are again giving away exciting prizes from June to August 2011!

Get a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab with iWrite! iCecon! iHelp! iWin! Just write about how having a good health allows you or someone you know to extend help to others. :) Click HERE or on the image below for more information.

Get a chance to win Php 25,000 for you and a good cause just by voting on iCecon! iHelp! iWin! PART 2! Click HERE or on the image below for more information.

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5 Responses to Help and Win a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab!

  1. As a nurse, we need to be fit and healthy for us to deliver our nursing care to our patients and not to be one of them….

  2. aliene cheillo v. montalbo says:

    as a working student i have to be physically fit, and so i always eat healthy food and drink vitamins to keep my self in good condition. it doesn’t only benefit me but also those people who are relying on me.

  3. Jousef Diego M. Napiza says:

    As a 2nd year highschool studenti eat healthy food such as vegetables low carbon drinks and always drink a glass of water to make sure your body will be physically fit to do any task at any age. 😀

  4. Hazel A. Anadon says:

    Having a good health means physically alert and mentally alert. Being physically alert means doing all things without any hesitations that you can’t do such a thing ‘coz you are strong. And mentally alert means your mind is always on the move to think of what you will do next. By these factors, helping other people is just an easy task.

  5. Mary jean Y. Edisan says:

    having a natural healthy life style mean that you have a long life… because now a days a lot of preservative use in our foods….but of course if we try to eat organic food makes are body more healthy and we avoid many diseases.

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