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No to mining in Palawan.

Help us protect Palawan’s biodiversity and UNESCO sites from mining. Please sign the petition at www.no2mininginpalawan.com Please tell your friends and family about it and promote the signature campaign in your school and work. We need 10 million signatures. Help and Make a Difference. Extend Yourself. Maraming maraming salamat po!

Ang ganda ng Pilipinas! Ang galing ng Pilipino! Pang-worldwide!

Bimbo Cabochan
President, ExtendYourself.org
Founder, BayanWorldwide.com


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2 Responses to Let’s Support No2MiningInPalawan.com

  1. Crisanto Evangelio says:

    November 19, 2011

    To My Dearest Fellow Filipinos :

    Greetings in the omnipotent Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


    Please DO whatever you HONESTLY believe is for the GREATER GOOD to the GREATER NUMBER of FILIPINOS for the GREATEST ECONOMIC PROSPERITY of our beloved PHILIPPINES and fellow FILIPINOS.

    In everything we do or act we perform, be it on our official capacity or otherwise, always remember to ask yourself, if this will benefit my country or not. Personal Interest should always be considered at the last of the list. The Interest of the country and countrymen must always be considered and bestowed with highest priority.

    This is the right Time to eradicate totally the Poverty in our country and we can all certainly play a major role in so doing this very noble and patriotic endeavor for the good of our country and countrymen.

    I am a concerned citizen of the PHILIPPINES who GREATLY LOVE our beloved PHILIPPINES and fellow FILIPINOS. Please DO and SPREAD and E – Mail / Text to others this message.

    Please, I beseech your, good person and office to kindly heed to my Message as there is no greater love than the love to ones country.

    The Undersigned is of the utmost profound hoping that this Communique’ merit favorable Considerations from your good person and office.


    Thank you very much, until then, vaya con dios.

    Patriotically yours,

    Crisanto Evangelio

  2. Crisanto Evangelio says:


    I have seen countries progressing economically and enviously so expeditiously that my very own country – The Philippines is left behind. To my Dismay, some of these countries are behind us before, now, we are behind them. So painful I could no longer endure and each day, this pain keeps on growing and growing, as I heard News of their Progress, more particularly on the economic Point of View.

    WHY ?

    The aforementioned Question emits multiple Answers, Answers that have been criticized and have stood the Test of Time. In this particular aspect, we verily have to evaluate ourselves, firmly pointing a Question to us – are we the ones to be blamed for the decaying Economic Condition of our beloved Philippines ? WAKE UP !! my fellow Filipinos, we are now the Number One laughing stock of other countries and they have eventually lost their Respect to us consequential thereof. What does a Filipino gain / profit, if he is the richest man in the Whole Wide World but his very own country is the poorest. Can he sustain eating delicious food and sojourning in a castle, whereas his fellow Filipinos are being raped, humiliated, killed, prostituted, abused and some other inhuman treatment by other nationalities. They looked at us as smallest of the iota. A kind of person that can be settled by and all in the name of MONEY – the thing that is scarce to us being poor. We are rated as second class nationality in their own Soil and due to the worsening Economic Situation in our country, even in our own Territory; we are verily of the same Rating.


    Indeed, I am of the most profound thinking how can I salvage our Ship from the Ocean Deep of being sunk in the decomposing Economic Status of our Beloved Philippines. My Mind works and works everyday and as I see the solutions, the exact Opposites are the ones prevailing in our country. Economic Theories dictate that a single act of a person has an effect on the Economy of his country. This I strongly believe to the most. In fact, the Leader cannot do it alone, certainly, our concerted Effort is a MUST. We all have our respective Discernment as to what is good or bad for our Economy. The Bottom Line Question is this : Will the things that I will do benefit my country and countrymen most especially on the Economic Aspects ? With all Honesty, answer the Question prior to the Performance of what you are going to do, guided by the Principle “ Greater Good to the Greater Number of Filipinos “. In so doing, you are undertaking the delivery of the Greatest Interest that is due to the country. Through this Pen Work, may I humbly suggest the following to be part of your Personality, Habit and Character, thus :

    1. Pay your Taxes and other pecuniary Obligations to the Government, HONESTLY, RELIGIOUSLY, ACCURATELY / CORRECTLY and EFFICIENTLY – Numerous rulings of our Supreme Court enunciates that Taxes are the so called “ Lifeblood of the Government “, in which sans it the latter would be impossible for basic / fundamental Existence and imagine how much more for the Recovery of our ailing Economy. Verily, Taxes and other Financial Obligations due to the Government MUST be had by our Government.

    Further, when I speak of Taxes, I mean, all forms of Taxes, as some of us are engage in some Businesses / livelihoods / Undertakings and some other sources of Income. Out of this Income from whatever Sources it may emanate, it is our solemn Obligation to the Government to bestow to the latter things due to the latter.

    2. Guard our Taxes and other Financial Obligation paid to the Government – We must not be contended in just paying our Taxes and other Financial obligations, we must see to it that our Money will be utilized for public official purposes and not to the personal want of corrupt government personnel from the lowest in ranking up to and including the highest government official in the land – the President. In this Aspect, we must from courageously be a whistleblower in any corrupt practises happening in our workplace. We must inform proper authorities of any Knowledge of corruption in our Area, sans Fear or Indecisiveness and whether the person involved is your kin, love ones, pal, superior or a person whom you have Debt of Gratitude, better yet, gather pieces of Evidence to support your Claim on the complete and full Notion that the more Evidence gathered, the better the outcome of your Expose’. Always remember that whistle blowing their corrupt practises and activities does not per se mean being ingratitude, unfriendly and traitor. In fact, to the Contrary, you are verily helping that particular person being drown in the Ocean of Graft and Corruption Mess. The Truth is, any person who robs the Government, robs the entire Filipino People and that includes you, your other friends, kins, loved ones, your family and mind you, even the next Generations of our loved ones. What Future can we possibly bestow to our next Generation, verily, somehow, Blame would fall like Axe in our Heads for doing nothing notwithstanding our Knowledge of Corrupt and Graft Practises in our Work.

    3. Start a business – Should you have enough Capitalization deposited in the Bank and other Financial Institution, then it is about Time to study what type of business you are most familiar with, seek advice from the Expert. In this way, we help the government generate not only income through Taxation but also creation of Jobs. In so doing a business, please be fair to your workers. Always see to it that their respective Salaries / Wages are at least within the Minimum Wage as set by Law. Both Employer’s and Employees Share in PhilHealth, SSS, Pagibig are not only regularly ( No Delay ) and religiously paid but making certain you paid the correct and honest Amount. Their Welfare must always be paramount. Make sure likewise that your workers also pay their respective Taxes.

    Select the business that is centered in Agricultural Productions, in this way, we strengthen Food Security in our country and at the same Time, helping our Environment, as planting means Green.

    4. Observe all Laws, Governmental Orders, Public Policies, Letters of Instructions, Memoranda, Decrees, Rules and Regulations of the land, even the simplest ones and even sans watching you and most especially even those things run counter to our Interest, prejudicial to our person and or give inconvenience and discomfort to us.

    5. Utilize your Expertise / Skills / Abilities / Talents / Educational Attainment to the maximum Level so not only the entire State can benefit from it but likewise other Filipinos. As you stretch your Expertise / Skills / Abilities / Talents / Educational Attainment to the maximum Level kindly be guided by the Principle of “ Greater Good To The Greater Number Of Filipinos “.

    6. Initiate and be involved in Socio – Civic and Socio – Economic endeavours and Fund raising activities initiated by any persons , like and or entity por ejemplo, Alay Lakad, Fun Run, Tree Planting, Blood Letting, Clean Up Drive and other worthy activities. Volunteer for Works / Endeavors most especially if it involves the exercise of your Forte / Expertise for free.

    7. Invest in Government by buying T – Bills and other Government Notes, in this way, you earn and at the same Time, you help the Government raise funds.

    8. Should you have foreign currencies, kindly have them exchanged to Government bank ONLY, like Land Bank of the Philippines. Do not engage the Services in the Black Market.

    9. In case you planned to buy for clothes, kindly buy the plain ones and personalize them by imprinting words of encouragement to help our country and countrymen most especially for the Greatest Economic Prosperity of our country and countrymen. Be certain, that the words of encouragement would be legibly read by others so the purpose would be met / served.

    10. Do not vote for those you honestly know are sans Competence, Integrity, Honesty and Expertise in the position he is running. If he did not do anything during his Term, please do not bestow him another Term to waste. Do not sell your Vote and do not be deceived by their gimmicks like singing, dancing, joking or even kissing babies in front of the public, in short, be a Wise Voter, a voter that thinks, weighs things and scrutinizes the Credentials and Qualifications of one candidate before voting. Always bear in Mind, that these Candidates are applying in our corporation. Would you hire dull personnel to be employed in your corporation, certainly our corporation would be affected negatively and their Performances may not bring Benefits to our corporation. Our Government is one big corporation and we the citizens are co – owners and stockholders and those we vote for public positions are the ones who will manage our corporation / government. An incompetent, dishonest, unqualified and inexperience managers will bring nothing good to the corporations and eventually and as a consequential thereto, our corporation / beloved government will soon be insolvent / bankrupt. Verily, we do not want this horrible thing to occur to our corporation / government.

    11. Do not cheat the Government and your fellow Filipinos in whatever Forms,
    Natures, Manners and Degrees.

    I vow to thee, my country—all earthly things above—
    Entire and whole and perfect, the service of my love,
    The love that asks no question: the love that stands the test,
    That lays upon the altar the dearest and the best:
    The love that never falters, the love that pays the price,
    The love that makes undaunted the final sacrifice.

    In the end, God from whom all Blessings flow reward you justly. After all, we bring nothing with us to the Grave. But the good Deeds that we DO for our beloved Country and Countrymen most especially for the Greatest Economic Prosperity of our beloved PHILIPPINES and fellow FILIPINOS will always be remembered. What could be more beautiful than that ?

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